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The Case For Hiring An Accounting Professional

5 Reasons It’s Time For Your Business To Hire An Accounting Pro

Businesses go through phases. It’s par for the course, to coin a phrase. In your scrappy startup days, you make do with less than you need, keeping your budget expenditures under a watchful eye. Oftentimes, as the business begins to grow and flourish, however, key aspects of the operations outgrow those humble beginnings. At a certain point, the owner hands operational tasks over to full-time employees, novice interns get replaced with experienced marketing counterparts and an accounting professional steps in to optimize the current system.

In many cases, the focus is on the revenue-driving sales and marketing machine (for all the obvious reasons), but the more mundane and less shiny activities like accounting and tech integration get neglected. As an accounting and technology-integration professional who taps into decades of experience to help businesses optimize, avoid risk and access the power of their own systems, I’d like to drill down deeper on the reasons NOT to neglect the pivotal area of your business.

  • They don’t know they need help. In other words, they think their books are in order, and everything is running at optimal levels.
  • They don’t want to add to their budget. 
  • They are in DIY-mode.

The Shortlist of Why You An Accounting Professional In Your Corner

  1. Being prepared for anything has never been more important. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen. The importance of planning and preparing for emergencies, natural disasters, unexpected economic downturns and pandemics has never been more top of mind. Many of businesses found themselves scrambling in the early months of 2020 to get books up to date and in order to gain a clear understanding of what buffers were in place to ride out the shutdown, to support the pivot business strategies to cope and to apply for SBA loans and PPP funding. A partnership with an accounting professional keeps you ready for anything. Your books are up to date and ready to provide you a clear view into your business’s performance on any given day – unprecedented pandemic scenarios as well as everyday business decision needs.

  2. Business insights can make or break you. Smart businesses make smart decisions using data. There’s no getting around it. Entrepreneurs are typically very in touch with their intuition and gut feelings about their businesses, but there comes a time when numbers are needed to support business decisions. Operational and accounting data can paint the picture of what’s working, what’s not and guide savvy strategy.

  3. Investors look for these clues. If an investor play is part of your business, don’t overlook your accounting function. Investors see businesses that don’t have strong operational and accounting technology in place or that don’t have keen insight into these areas as non-strategic. These are markers that are on their agenda as they look for places to park their sought after investment dollars.

  4. Adding to staff is not always an option. Here’s the rub. You may know as a business leader, founder or entrepreneur that you need to amp up your financial, accounting and technology workflows, but you always know that adding a full-time employee to the payroll is not in the budget at the present moment. The good news is that you can develop a relationship with your outsourced accounting professional that is a la carte to fit your needs today and scalable to fit your needs tomorrow.

  5. We’re more than a bookkeeper, more than a CPA. Entering a partnership with Agile Planners is more than hiring a bookkeeper or a CPA. Yes, it serves those purposes, but it goes beyond. Your Agile Planners team offers:
  • Silo elimination – We specialize in technology consulting needed to get your systems talking to one another.
  • Customized partnership – Never a one-size-fits-all relationship, we help you improve processes, optimize workflows and gain access to actionable data about your business.
  • Responsive accessibility – The time to have an accounting professional on your side who understands your business, your systems and your industry is before you desperately need it (keyword – before). Agile Planners prides itself on providing high levels of client service that is responsive, professional and within reach.

All that and your books will be organized, up to date and optimized. Of course, we offer bookkeeping and accounting services, as well. We’ll get you started with a clean “sweep” of your books, getting them in order, correcting any mistakes and making recommendations where things can be improved. After that, you can hand off the daily bookkeeping tasks to us and always count on your books being up to date, offering real-time data and reporting. Agile Planners is standing by to get to know your unique needs, your unique business and help you grow your business today.

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