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Consulting Services

Agile Planners can free you up to focus on what you do best – running your business. Together, we can outline your current process, find the right technology, and create your ideal business road map!

What We Do
At Agile Planners, our focus is on helping small to mid-sized companies in the manufacturing, retail, restaurant, and other industries to streamline their operations through financial technology, inventory management, and point of sale systems. We will walk new and existing business owners through their financial systems and workflow processes to identify the ideal setup for their business.
How We Do It

The first step is to set up a consultation call where we walk through every step of your business from sales to operations, even the administrative processes. Along the way, we’ll assess the state of your business and where it’s headed. If you have systems in place, we’ll assess their performance. If you don’t, we’ll find the right ones for you.

After our call, we meet for a dive deep into your business and how it works. You’ll provide us with a high-level view of your day-to-day operations

Together, we will document your current workflow process, and transition it into the systems that best fits your business, ensuring your workflows and processes are repeatable and scalable.

After that, we will set up a weekly call to go over the implementation, ensuring that you’re on board with the new process and systems and how it’s being executed.

We’ll provide you with workflow templates for your selected systems so that you can customize as your business grows.

The Outcome

You’ll have the freedom and the flexibility to work ON your business rather than IN it, because now you have systems will work for you and not the other way around.

Today, what would happen to your business if you couldn’t work for a month? Would your business thrive if you couldn’t be there for an extended amount of time?

After completing this process, taking a few days off won’t handicap you as it may now.

Together, we can outline your current process, find the right technology, and create your ideal business road map!

Consult With Agile Planners

You’ll gain more than just free time, you’ll gain a team of experts working hard for your business’s success.