Don’t work the business, profit from it. Free webinar May 30th.  Click here to learn more.

Don't work the business, profit from it.

Transform your stressful business into a profit powerhouse in just 1 hour with our complimentary webinar.

During this essential session, you'll discover:

  • The key reasons behind business failures.
  • The difference between working in your business, on your business vs profiting from your business.
  • The three sources of money for every business.
  • Tips on taking back your time and getting more money out of your business.
  • Why many business owners don't make more than $100k a year.
  • The 16 big things that can really make or break your business's money-making ability (and you need to keep an eye on them!).

Free live webinar for founders and business owners.
Thursday, May 30th at 1PM ET

Free webinar for entrepreneurs.

Thursday, May 30th at 1PM ET

About the Webinar

Here are three common challenges many business owners face:

Challenge #1: You’re putting in a lot of effort but seeing minimal financial return.

Challenge #2: You’re in a difficult position. You aim to expand your business, which requires funding. Yet, acquiring additional funds is contingent upon your business’s growth.

Challenge #3: You’re indispensable to your business. Taking any time off, whether it’s two weeks, one week, or even a day, significantly disrupts its operations.

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Thursday, May 30th at 1PM ET

How to Break Free

Business owners can break out of the usual traps by building a profit-generating powerhouse.

This means your business:

  • Grows its profits every year.
  • Keeps the cash coming in steadily.
  • Lets you focus on guiding its direction rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day tasks. To create a truly successful business (whatever your personal definition of success may be), there’s one essential ingredient: a business that generates profits like a well-oiled machine.

If you dream of selling your business for a hefty sum someday, there’s one critical piece: a business that’s a reliable profit generator.

And if you’re aiming to pocket more earnings and enjoy more freedom with your time, you need just one thing: a business that consistently brings in the money.

About Your Presenter

Monica Roca Headshot

Monica Roca

2x founder, CEO of Agile Planners and FynOps. Fractional CFO for startups and growing businesses.

  • Utilizes her financial expertise to guide business owners towards growth and enhanced profitability.
  • Her success is rooted in a deep understanding of both the financial aspects and the intricacies of business ownership.
  • With nearly 30 years of experience as an accountant and CFO, she has a sharp eye for diagnosing the underlying issues leading to a business’s lack of profitability and insufficient cash flow.
  • She knows the strategies to remedy these financial woes.
  • Skilled in driving business growth and boosting profitability.
  • Committed to her mission, she aims to support as many business owners as possible in developing thriving and profitable businesses.