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Agile Planners partners with your e-commerce business to take on accounting tasks, integrate your technology systems and consult you on the best pathway toward success.

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Enlisting the services of Agile Planners is like adding an A-player to your team. That rare type of talent that brings knowledge, expertise and intuition into the mix to affect tangible, positive change. We partner with your business to help you achieve both your long and short term goals.

As a true partner, we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of businesses in all industries, especially those who rely on e-commerce tools and technologies to operate their businesses.

Our expertise includes:

  • Taking day-to-day bookkeeping tasks off your plate
  • Integrating tech systems to eliminate silos and data drop-offs
  • Comprehensive consulting to help you create the best plan for your future

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The Challenges Agile Planners Solves For Businesses Worldwide

Let Agile Planners Guide You To Your Business’s Success

Add a team of experts with 20+ years of experience in accounting, systems and operations and your goals become within reach. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business challenges and goals by taking a holistic approach that includes:

  • Education

    Even if you or your team members are not power users of your tech tools, we can get you up-to-speed - ASAP! Our comprehensive training programs allow you to educate your team and help them grow with your growing business.

  • Implementation

    Even with the best tech tools in place, you need to breakdown silos, get platforms talking to each other and streamline your processes...that’s where we come in to help create that roadmap.

  • Automation

    Finding opportunities for automation is a specialty at Agile Planners. We are on the cutting edge of all the latest tech tools and optimization is our passion. We’ll help you streamline and automate wherever possible, so you’re business is running like a well-oiled machine.

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What Our Wonderful Clients Say

  • Monica was a great help in getting us to fine-tune our accounting practices. She really knows her stuff, she's very easy to work with, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We have already been recommending her services to colleagues.

    Dominick Cannata Brookline Real Estate & Investments
  • Monica transformed my business! I was invoicing clients manually, using PayPal, not knowing where my revenue was coming from. She took the time to understand my business and my services, and create a solution that was affordable and easy to use. The best part is - she’s dynamic and awesome to work with!

    Michelle Nunez-Mendoza MNM Marketing & Copywriting™
  • I have learned that the stuff that I don't absolutely LOVE to do should be out-tasked or outsourced and that's why I LOVE working with Agile Planners. They take care of all my bookkeeping needs, follow-up with me and check-in regularly to make sure my books are up to date, and most importantly, they do the stuff I am not crazy about doing so I can focus on my passions - my family and my work!

    Luly B Speaker • Author • Coach
  • Working with Monica from Agile Planners has given me peace of mind that my books and records are correctly stated. Before, I was not sure if I my account structure was correct, that I classified expenses properly and I could not get a good picture of my business. Now I’m confident that I can understand my business and use the information to make better decisions. Having her on your team is a no brainer and she is an awesome asset.

    Pat Chin Simply Perfect Java • Norwex
  • Monica put the love of my numbers into my routine. As a business owner, your numbers need to be part of your monthly and even weekly routine. You need to absolutely LOVE them. I fell in love with my numbers, and now understand how to grow the business I want. She is tech-savvy, and understands the needs of each business owner and helps you integrate your systems whether it be a CRM, Email distribution into a process that makes sense for YOU! She's made the operations of my business fun, easy and something I look forward to systematizing. She's incredible at what she does, and absolutely brilliant. She is an essential part of the success of my business, and completely indispensable.

    Yanyn San Luis The Win Woman
  • Monica is the queen of systems and her mission is to make you work smarter not harder. She takes the time to fully understand your business so that she can guide you on the best way to bring abundance not only in your bank account but your life. When you have AP on your side you will thrive and feel you do more in less time. Monica truly cares wants everyone to win and truly savor their numbers, systems, and walks you through the process. She is always available and extremely personable to attend to you as a person not as a number. The numbers are for the bank account and the books not for people. Agile Planners is where money seeds are planted and truly brings value to your business and your life.

    Myra Martinez R STARS Project
  • I was referred to Agile Planners by my business coach and, to be honest, I didn't think I needed them. What Monica from AP did for me completely changed my business...and my life! She researched, taught me, and helped me implement systems that allowed me to minimize the time I spent doing administrative work and maximize my productivity. It is just amazing! In addition to being more organized, understanding my numbers, and knowing where I'm at at all times, I also have more peace of mind. Agile Planners has reduced my workload and stress, and I would pay for that any day of the week! Monica is always available to help, answer questions, and fix my errors. You can tell that she's passionate about what she does and truly enjoys making the life of a business owner easier and more effective. Monica has learned my business inside out and has taken the time to know me personally. Hence, her recommendations and support have been tailored to my very own needs and goals. They're also very professional and a delight to work with.

    Dr. Betsy Guerra Better with Betsy