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CFO Services

Financial Operations encompasses both operational (tactical) and strategic activities that go beyond basic accounting and reporting. It starts with a deep understanding of how your business operates, developing in-depth knowledge of your systems and processes then leverage that knowledge to help interpret your current financials.

Financial Operations

CFO Services

Once there’s clarity on all the moving parts that impact your business, we help you forecast your future state financial position by way of strategic scenario planning. This results in increased productivity, empowers your decision making, and delivers predictable outcomes for your business.


The key activities involved may include all or part of the following depending the outcome of the discovery session:

Interpret profit trends and how they impact the future of the business
Assess distribution channels advantages or disadvantages

Data-driven analytics

Identify areas of expansion or when to trim excesses.

Accounting software and hardware evaluation, selection, & implementation
Budgets, forecasts business modeling
Pricing analysis
Strategic planning & advisory services

KPI tracking
Pinpoint inefficiencies and bottlenecks in production and manufacturing
Mitigate financial risks
Plan for new vertical launches

Identify challenges in operations
Business & financial analysis
Eliminate unnecessary spending
Business intelligence


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Discovery Sessions

We will start with several discovery sessions which will give us a better understanding of your environment, and the ability to develop a strategic plan for your business. We will take a deep dive into the products and services, costing of these items, and create a future state forecast.  We will create a budget and cash flow forecast to analyze actuals to the expected results. 

What you can expect from this stage is a deep dive into your day-to-day process and how we can achieve the most efficiency for operational performance and long term strategic growth. 

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