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Pro Tips To Decipher Which QuickBooks Is Right For You

Should I use the QuickBooks Online version or the QuickBooks Desktop version? This is a top question for businesses using QuickBooks software for their accounting tasks, and the answer is – it depends. The good news is you have an experienced and knowledgeable team of QuickBooks-certified pros here to guide you through your choice of QuickBooks options, and so much more. Use this guide to evaluate which of the QuickBooks platforms fits your unique business model best. (Of course, Agile Planners is standing by to address your questions that pop up along the way and help you with all your accounting needs.)

Online or Desktop: That is the (QuickBooks) Question

QuickBooks Online Overview – QuickBooks Online, or QBO, is Intuit’s cloud-based accounting software suite. In 2004, Intuit brought out QBO to begin to solve the challenges that businesses were facing, especially in terms of mobile access. As time went on, the application became an affordable, popular choice for businesses looking for another option from desktop. While QuickBooks Online is ideal for small businesses, it now has advanced features that can accommodate some larger businesses and provide a flexible tool for small businesses as they scale.

  • Best for – The small to midsize business looking for the basics in accounting software with strong features and mobility, but less need for many bells and whistles.
  • Cost – An affordable monthly fee 
  • Functionality – Easy for remote teams to access anywhere they have internet
  • Tech Support Requirements – Cloud-based, so little tech maintenance is needed
  • Downsides – May lose needed features offered by QuickBooks desktop software, less customer support and, although cheaper than QuickBooks desktop, may come in higher than other cloud-based SMB accounting platforms

QuickBooks Desktop Overview – QuickBooks Desktop is the original choice for accounting software. Brought to market in 1992, QuickBooks Desktop is the cornerstone of Intuit’s products and a top choice for businesses and accountants worldwide. When we refer to QuickBooks Desktop, we are most likely talking about QuickBooks Desktop Pro. There are, however, three desktop software options, including QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Enterprise is geared toward large businesses while Pro can be used for smaller businesses, and Premier falls somewhere in between – although differences are related not only to the number of users but also features.

  • Best for – Larger businesses with robust needs and a larger group of users
  • Cost – Cost is higher than online options. Has an initial setup and licensing cost that varies based on features needed. 
  • Functionality – Most robust of the two choices, has many features and add-ons for today’s larger or more complex business
  • Tech Support Requirements – May require deeper tech knowledge to set up, network and integrate with your other systems
  • Downsides – Higher cost and possibility of paying for more than you need in addition to deeper technical requirements

Both QuickBooks options, online and desktop, offer features and benefits that can help you with the operational and accounting functions of your business. While deciding upon which one, it’s important to take a step back and chose the one that supports your unique makeup, syncs with your other tech and allows for room to scale. Agile Planners is your team of QuickBooks-certified professionals the can help you make this decision and so much more. 

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